Fall 2013

“He’s baaaaaaack! And he’s brought someone very special with him. The very popular, entrepreneurial, talented, and engaging artist Joe Mayer is back from a southwestern swing to Santa Fe, ready to reenter Shepherdstown life with his wife, artist Ann Sharp.

Despite finding Santa Fe inspiring and fascinating, with a lively arts community of its own, the creator of Shepherdstown’s Joe Mayer Gallery and the Friday artists’ group continued to feel the gentle tug of this place. Something about Shepherdstown, where he’d kept a studio and taught art classes, beckoned him back from the land of rattlesnakes, scorpions, cactuses, and tarantulas. Neither he nor Ann saw any of those creatures during their time in New Mexico, so it was perhaps ironic that they were warmly welcomed here by a three-foot blacksnake on their front step and word that a black bear was barreling around in downtown Shepherdstown at the same time.” – David Zunker, The Good News Paper, Fall 2013

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