40th Anniversary Celebration

Fall 2019

Shepherdstown’s Ed Zahniser and Randall Tremba welcomed over 100 guests to the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Good News Paper at Town Run Tap House on June 22, 2019.

Daniel Tokar

Fall 2018

“St. Francis of Assisi most likely was thinking of someone like Tokar when he said, “He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” Daniel Tokar may be reached at The Willow Forge, 498 Princess Street, 304-876-2884.”

Dr. Alvin Freund

Spring 2018

Our artist gallery for Spring 2018 highlights Dr. Alvin Freund. He is a retired physician and quite a serious photographer. He especially enjoys nature and breaking the rules.

Tom Miller

Fall 2017

Although a retired art teacher, Tom Miller has never stopped working. When he is not dabbling with various art forms, he is renovating properties and working in his garden.

Ann Sharp

Spring 2017

Ann Sharp has served as founding president of the Talbot County Visual Arts Center and was former co-owner of the Studio Gallery in Easton, Maryland. She has contributed to many highly regarded group shows on the East Coast, and she displays her art regularly at the Trippe- Hilderbrandt Gallery, Easton, Maryland. In 2014 Sharp was a featured artist at the Maryland Society of Portrait Painters Show, “A Moment Expressed.” In 2016 she earned a certificate at the Berkeley County Arts Show and won the award for Best Oil Painting in the Chestertown (Maryland) Art League. She has been appointed ambassador for the State of West Virginia by the Portrait Society of America.

Her website is: www.annsharpart.com.

Rozzy Garner

Winter 2016

Rozzy Garner has a playful persona, evidenced in her whimsical art.