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Fall 2018

In this month’s issue:
Julian • ARTWORKS Daniel Tokar, Blacksmith • POETRY Kelsey Stoneberger • EARTHBEAT The Attic in the Basement • Ready, Set, Register, and Vote • Raise the Roost: A New Tower for Our Chimney Swifts • Button Button: Political Memorabilia Collector Alan Sturm • The ABLE Act Helps People With Disabilities Secure Their Financial Future • The Promise of SAIL: Shepherdstown Area Independent Living • When Books Become Libraries • Shepherdstown’s Danielle Corsetto: Award-Winning Cartoonist • The Vanishing Skill Set: Skilled Trades Face a Crisis • I Remember Greg Lloyd (1951–2014) • Religious Communities • Donors / A Face from Long-Ago Shepherdstown • Business and Services Directory


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